Magnet-Spielbuch one earth kids (D)

(Startnext) one earth kids – ein riesengroßes (162cm x 58cm), faltbares, magnetisches Spielbuch mit wunderschönen Satellitenbildern der Erde und über 150 Magnetsymbolen. Damit können Kinder die Welt spielerisch entdecken. Wo lebt der Tiger? Wer näht unsere Jeans? Welche Sprachen werden in Kanada gesprochen? Und woher kommt das Schiff mit den Bananen? Und was ist eigentlich fair trade?

one earth kids soll Kindern nicht nur die Erde bzw. Geographie näher bringen, sondern auch globale Zusammenhänge.

Kampion Card Game (B)

(Indiegogo) Kampion Card Game

What is Kampion Card Game?

It’s a unique football (soccer) card game, featuring beautiful illustrations from artists across the globe. So far, 146 artists from 56 countries have contributed to the project, and this number is growing fast.

Unfortunately, a deck of cards can only fit 54 cards. But don’t get too upset. During our campaign, you will be able to actively decide which cards will be in this first deck! Yes, Kampion Card Game is also a democracy.

The game is 100% free to download, print and play. So if you can’t support our project but still want to play, that’s ok, just drop by our website where you can get the pdf deck.

Assault on Doomrock – Board Game (PL)

(Indiegogo) – Assault on Doomrock

It is a cooperative game of medium weight, for 2 to 4 players.
It plays in about 2 to 3 hours. It can be played solo.

You will generate a hero from two cards, creating adventurer like Sadistic Paladin, Stinky Rogue or Epileptic Mage. Gain your basic ability cards assigned to the class and an unique ability attached to the trait card. Grab your set of game components and you are ready for an adventure!

Squary Movey – le Sudoku stratégique (F)

(Ulule) Squary Movey – Voici un jeu très simple alliant stratégie, observation et anticipation : Squary Movey ! Se basant sur la philosophie du Sudoku, dont la règle principale est que l’on ne peut avoir 2 chiffres sur la même ligne, le même carré et la même colonne, Squary Movey est un jeu de plateau dans lequel vous devez coloniser des territoires avec des pions numérotés en faisant attention de ne pas aligner 2 chiffres identiques.

Brave the Elements (GB)

(Kickstarter) – Brave the Elements

Discover a land of wonder where the ability to control the four elements—Fire, Air, Earth and Water—has become second nature. Conjure powerful disasters and infiltrate your opponents‘ societies while developing your own and defending it from harm.

Brave the Elements has been refined and balanced during its three years in development. Throughout that time, the game has been tried and tested by a large number of playtesters and gaming groups around the world.

Elder Gods (GB)

(KICKSTARTER) – Elder Gods

The Elder Gods are coming…

Welcome to the new board game by Miskatonic Media, Elder Gods.

Elder Gods is set in the roaring twenties in the heart of the mythos of H P Lovecraft. Players compete for characters, initiative and locations across the New England landscape.

  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Age of Players: 12+
  • Setup time: 5 minutes
  • Understanding the rules: 15-20 minutes

There are 6 factions to play as, each with their own unique characters, abilities and win conditions. Defeat the evil powers lurking in the shadows. Destroy humanity with all the vicious contempt they deserve. Balance the scales of power to serve your own ambitions. The choice is yours.